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Warning Lights: What they mean for your car

We have all been there – starting up the car in Aurora to see a flashing yellow or red symbol on the dashboard. Before you panic over an unfamiliar symbol, there are some simple steps you can take to address these common warning lights: Battery/Charging Alert – This symbol indicates that the battery charge, or voltage level, [Read more…]

5 Myths about Auto Repair

5 Myths about Auto Repair We understand what it’s like to be on the customer’s side of the counter. We’ve been there plenty of times at the doctor, dentist, or somewhere as simple as a gas station. We know what it’s like to be unsure of the service or product we are paying for. The [Read more…]

Chase Automotive Certified Diesel Repairs and Diesel Emission Testing!

Diesel owners know their vehicle is special, and special vehicles require extraordinary attention to keep them running smoothly. Luckily, our team at Chase Automotive is here to help you with all of your diesel repair needs. This blog will help you understand why diesel engines require different diagnostic tools than regular engines and how a [Read more…]

AC Repair: What You Should Look For

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been blasting the AC in your car all summer, and, after parking in the sun on a hot day, you hop into your vehicle, turn the ignition and wait for a wave of coolness to pour out of your AC unit—but it doesn’t. Instead, a harsh rush of [Read more…]

Spring Fever!

You know that spring has arrived when flowers start to bloom and so do your allergies! This also means that it’s a good time to have your air filter replaced. Watch the video below to see how a dirty air system can be bad for your car and your health if not cleaned out regularly. [Read more…]

Car Care Tips: Rotating Your Tires

Tires can sustain up to 20 percent more wear when they are rotated regularly. Not only will this save you gas money, but rotating your tires will also help your tires last longer. For uniform tire wear, it is suggested that a vehicle’s tires are rotated every 6,000 miles as part of your preventive maintenance [Read more…]

5 Ways to Stay Fit In Your Car

Picture yourself in a small car during a long road trip. Cramped behind the driver, your legs have but inches to move between the bags, snacks, and extra clothes in the back seat. All you want to do is stand up, stretch, and do some jumping jacks. You might not be able to do a [Read more…]

Drive Safely With These Defensive Driving Tips

Being an alert, attentive driver is a great place to start when it comes to avoiding accidents, but driving defensively is the key to staying safe on the road. We’ve compiled a few defensive driving tips to help you avoid accidents and have a more pleasant driving experience. Mirrors and Seat – Having a 360 [Read more…]

Auto Repair Tips: Why ASE-Certified Technicians Matter

If you were a football coach, you wouldn’t get someone off the street to be your quarterback. You’d look for someone who has the experience and knowhow to help you succeed. The same goes for repairing your car. You wouldn’t take your vehicle to a random auto repair shop near Aurora when there’s a problem [Read more…]

Preventative Maintenance

If you’ve visited us in Aurora and heard our auto repair employees talk about how important preventive maintenance is. If you’re not quite sure what to think of it, watch this clip which thoroughly explains what preventive maintenance is and why your car needs it so badly: Definition of Preventive Maintenance — powered by ehow