Regular Oil Changes Could Save You Thousands

Posted January 24, 2012

If you’re like many Americans and regularly use your vehicle, it can seem like oil changes are constantly on your to-do list. Besides, why do you have an Aurora Oil Change every 3,000 miles, anyway? Though it may not seem as though 3,000 miles isn’t enough to warrant an oil change, based on the facts, it really is.

Engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle. It needs to be changed so frequently because of the amount of work it does maintaining your engine—clean oil will prolong your engine’s life.

Your vehicle’s engine has dozens upon dozens of moving parts that, when all working together, allow your car to get from point A to point B. But when your oil level decreases, the metal pieces in your engine are rubbing together without the protective, lubricating barrier that your engine oil provided. When these parts rub together, heat is produced in the engine, which can cause these metal parts to warp, or even melt.

There are two main reasons why your oil decreases. The first, simply enough, is because of leaks. Your engine is a complex system of filter, ducts, and tubes that are constantly at work. Once and a while the seals between these components breaks down, and a leak occurs. You’ll notice this when you pull out of your driveway or garage and notice a puddle of fluid where you were just parked.

The other reason? Over time, your oil breaks down. Engine oil can only be heated and reheated so many times before it begins to lose its qualities as a lubricant. As your oil breaks down, it turns into a black sludge that doesn’t provide the same protection as fresh oil can. If your engine oil gets to this point, it could eventually lead to a week-long, $4000 engine replacement! So don’t ignore your oil—trade this pricey repair for an inexpensive, 30-minute Aurora Oil Change.

So stop by and get an Aurora Oil Change by as ASE-Certified technician today!

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