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Posted April 18, 2011

With the wide variety of services and procedures that go into modern vehicle maintenance, it can be easy to be duped or misled. Here is some key information to protect you and your investment in your car.

What should be included in an estimate?

•Always get and keep a signed, written cost estimate for the work to be performed. Make sure the estimate specifically identifies the condition to be repaired, the parts needed and the anticipated labor charge.

•Make sure the estimate states that the shop will contact you for approval before performing any work exceeding a specified amount of time and money.

After your repair is done, what do you need?

•After repairs are finished, get a completed repair order describing the work done. This should list each repair, all parts supplied, the cost of each part, labor charges and the vehicle’s odometer reading when the vehicle entered the shop and when the repair order was prepared.
What should you know about the parts to be repaired or replaced on your vehicle?

•New auto parts – These parts are generally made to original manufacturer’s specifications, either by the vehicle manufacturer or an independent company. Your state may require repair shops to tell you if non-original equipment will be used in the repair. Prices and quality of these parts can vary widely.

•Remanufactured, rebuilt and reconditioned parts – These terms generally mean the same thing: parts have been restored to a sound working condition. Many manufacturers offer a warranty covering replacement parts, but not the labor to install them, although some repair shops WILL warranty the labor costs. Make sure to ask the shop the specifics about their warranty and if it covers labor charges.

•Salvage parts – These are used parts taken from another vehicle without alteration. Salvage parts may be the only source for certain items, though their reliability is seldom guaranteed.

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