Diesel Repairs and Diesel Emission Testing

Posted November 27, 2013

Diesel owners know their vehicle is special, and special vehicles require extraordinary attention to keep them running smoothly. Luckily, our team at Chase Automotive is here to help you with all of your diesel repair needs.

This blog will help you understand why diesel engines require different diagnostic tools than regular engines and how a quick stop at our shop will allow you to pass your diesel emissions test.

How are Diesel Engines Different?

Besides the type of fuel used to operate a diesel engine, the fuel injection system itself is different than that of a regular gas engine. A typical gas engine mixes air and fuel, compresses the mixture, then uses spark plugs to ignite it and power the vehicle. In a diesel engine, the air is compressed first and then the fuel is added.

The fuel will ignite the compressed air; thus, there are no spark plugs in a diesel engine. The lack of spark plugs requires diesel engines to use high-pressure fuel injector nozzles to pump fuel directly into the cylinders. The injector has to be able to withstand the temperature and pressure inside the cylinder and still deliver the fuel in a fine mist.

How Can Diesel Owners Pass Diesel Emissions Tests?

Since the fuel and fuel injection process are different in diesel engines, so are the tools used to diagnose and repair the engine. If a shop isn’t equipped with diesel diagnostic and emissions testing systems, you won’t be able to get accurate results for you engine.

At Chase Automotive, we employ ASE-Certified technicians who are qualified to work on any diesel engine that comes into our bays. Our shop is furnished with the latest diesel diagnostic equipment to properly measure the pressure, temperature and volume of fuel passing through the engine cycle so you can pass diesel emissions tests and stay on the road.

Don’t risk a failed emissions test with uncertified repairs. For reliable and trustworthy diesel engine repair, guaranteed by our 12 month/12,000 mile warranty, stop by our shop or call us at (303) 344-4670 to set up an appointment today!

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