Winter Driving Tips: Ice Scraper Life Hacks

Posted December 20, 2013

This month, our team of ASE-Certified technicians is taking a break from preventive maintenance and auto repair tips to bring you some ice scraper life hacks. Life hacking refers to any trick, shortcut, skill or novelty method to increase productivity.

As an Aurora driver, an ice scraper is your best friend in the winter. Snowfall and freezing temperatures bombard your windshield, diminishing your visibility with ice but, after a few scrapes, you’re ready for the road.

But have you ever been without an ice scraper? Whether yours broke or you lent it to a friend, facing an ice covered windshield without a scraper is enough reason to get back in bed and call it a day.

If you find your car covered in snow or ice and you don’t have an ice scraper readily available, try these tricks to clear your windshield and mirrors:

Plastic card- Often times, a thin layer of ice can easily be removed with a plastic card from your wallet or purse.  Hold onto a used gift card, and you’ll have an ice scraper on you at all times. Don’t use valuable credit cards or IDs though since the ice may cause damage to the card.

Plastic Card Ice Scraper Hack Spatula- If you have any extra spatulas in your kitchen, you have an ice scraper. A stiff plastic one should do the trick.

Spatula Ice Scraper Hack CDs-Do you still listen to that summer mix you made 15 years ago? If so, put the music on your computer and use the CD to clear your windshield! This method works best for a thick layer of ice.

CD Ice Scraper Hack Get creative! – Desperate times call for desperate measures. From hard plastic cups to hangers, or pretty much anything with a thin plastic edge, it’s easy to find a makeshift ice scraper.

The moral of the story is to be prepared this winter. Having a reliable ice scraper on you at all times will keep you on schedule when the frost and ice try to slow you down. A quick stop to our shop for a winter inspection will also help you avoid any untimely breakdowns that the harsh winter weather may cause.

For any other automotive questions, be sure to call us at (303) 344-4670 so our ASE-Certified technicians can help you out. As an auto repair shop in Aurora, we hope you’ll trust us with all your automotive needs!

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