Summer Pre-Trip Inspection

Posted June 27, 2012

Now that summer is upon us, I’m sure some are excited to get out of town via an old-fashioned road trip to clear our minds! Whether you’re going to the beach, the mountains, or perhaps to Grandma’s house across the way, you need to make sure your vehicle is up for the task. The solution? Take your car to your local Aurora Diesel shop for a summer pre-trip inspection! Here are some tips from your local Aurora Oil Change shop to keep your car running smoothly this summer:


Take note—if your Tires Aurora are over/under inflated, misaligned or worn down, then it’s not just gas you’re losing—you’re putting yourself and your passengers at risk! Remember that heat and altitude fluctuations affect Tires Aurora pressure more than anything, so if you’re traveling a long distance be sure to check your tire’s pressure often. Make it a rule of thumb to look them over every time you stop for gas.


This is the part most average drivers are familiar with. We recommend stopping by your local Aurora Transmission shop to have the ASE-Certified technicians there perform an Aurora Oil Change before you go. They’ll also check your other fluids, too, and top them off if needed. One fluid often overlooked is washer fluid—you never know what sort of conditions you’ll be driving in! Your local Aurora Auto Repair recommends doubling up on this.

Wiper Blades

On the subject of wiper fluid, what good would it be to have plenty of washer fluid but insufficient wiper blades to clear the windshield? Here’s a question from your local Aurora Diesel shop: do your wiper blades smear more than they clear? Then it’s time to replace them. Ask an ASE-Certified technician at your local Aurora Oil Change shop about the best type of blade for your vehicle.


Hands Down, the best thing for your vehicle is to have a pre-trip inspection performed on your car at your local Aurora Tires shop. The ASE-Certified technicians there know exactly what to do to make your road trip a safe one!

If you are in need of a pre-trip inspection before your next big trip, don’t hesitate to stop by a local Aurora Transmission shop like Chase Automotive or call (303) 344-4670 today!

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