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Keeping your Parked Car Cool

The heat is coming to Aurora. Summer is officially here, and while that means road trips, family vacations, and spending time outdoors, it also means hot cars and sticky seats. Your vehicle spends more time parked than running, which means it spends a lot of time in the hot summer sun. Before you get hit [Read more…]

Safely Avoiding Potholes

As you hit the road for early summer road trips, keep an eye out for one hazard on the road: Potholes. Road crews across Aurora are hard at work patching and repairing the cracks and holes in our streets and pavement, but sometimes these nuisances pop up faster than they can repair them. Potholes pose a [Read more…]

Signs your Timing Belt should be Replaced

Unfortunately there are no obvious signs that the timing belt will fail for most drivers. You won’t necessarily notice slipping, noises, smells, or visible wear before your timing belt breaks. But certified technicians may be able to spot early signs to keep your family save and avoid costly repairs! The most reliable way to avoid [Read more…]

Colorado Potholes — Protect your Car!

Spring means pothole season! All of the freezing and thawing can cause tiny cracks in the road to become big holes that jolt your car around and make for an uncomfortable ride. But potholes mean more than just a bumpy ride. Hitting a pothole can cause your wheels to be out of alignment! When that [Read more…]

Common Problems with Coolant/Antifreeze

Your vehicle’s coolant flows through the engine to keep everything running at the appropriate temperature. Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is mixed with water in the radiator at a precise ratio to create radiator fluid. The chemical fluid prevents the water in the engine from freezing on cold days while at the same time preventing [Read more…]

Miracle solutions for Better Gas Mileage

Drivers are always searching for the best ways to increase their fuel efficiency, save money at the gas station, and get more miles out of their vehicle. But when is it too good to be true? We’ve seen most of the “miracle pills” and “unbelievable tricks” out there and most of them are just that [Read more…]

Why you Shouldn’t Rock your Car

When you’re stuck in the snow, it’s tempting to do anything to avoid getting out in the cold or waiting for a tow. But before you start rocking your car, consider the impact it can have. This advice has been around for a long time, but rarely do you hear about the consequence it can [Read more…]

Driving I-70: Tire Traction Laws in Colorado

Before you travel I-70 up to the mountains to ski this winter, make sure your vehicle can safely handle the winter roads… or you may face a fine. Tire traction laws not only apply to commercial vehicles, large trucks, and trailers, the Department of Transportation enforces these laws for all vehicles, including your car or [Read more…]

Favorite Cars from Scary Movies

During the Halloween season, thrill lovers gather around the television set to enjoy scary movies! And while you can expect a fair amount of screaming, faux blood, and weapons, have you ever noticed the cars? Some classic thrillers and mystery movies feature equally thrilling vehicles. Here are a few of our favorites: Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, [Read more…]

6 Tailgating Tips

Go Broncos! Football season is here, and we’re getting ready for the next game by prepping our pre-game tailgate. Try these 6 tips for a better tailgating experience, and show your support in blue and orange! Pre-pack food and tools. Use plastic bins and tupperware to package as much the night before as possible. We’ve seen some clever [Read more…]