Guide for New Winter Drivers

Posted October 25, 2016

For drivers who aren’t used to or comfortable driving in snowy and icy conditions, winter roads in Colorado can be scary! Whether you recently moved to Colorado or are visiting for the holidays, knowing how to stay safe on winter roads is critical.

The experienced technicians at Chase Automotive are offering a few tips for new winter drivers to keep your vehicle and your family safe on the roads in Aurora.

  1. Slow down. Being cautious can help you adjust and react in changing conditions. Stay in the far right lane so that other drivers can pass you if needed. Slower speeds can help you stay in control and reduce your risk of hydroplaning on slick roads.
  2. Winter tires. Speaking of hydroplaning, check your vehicle’s tires BEFORE the first storm. Your tires need to have 4/32” of tread in order to adequately grip wet and icy roads. If you’re not sure whether your vehicle’s tires can handle winter conditions, stop by Chase Automotive and our technicians will inspect your tires for you.
  3. Cat litter. Even with good tires, lack of experience driving in the snow means you’re more likely to end up stuck. Carry a bag of cat litter for these emergencies. Adding litter to the slick ground around the tire can help provide the boost of traction you need to get un-stuck. Call our technicians at 303.344.4670 for more advice.
  4. Prepare your vehicle. The key to winter driving is a vehicle you can trust. Bring your car in to Chase Automotive for a pre-winter inspection. Our experienced technicians will make sure you have the antifreeze, windshield wipers, brakes, and tires you need to conquer winter storms. Request your winter vehicle inspection appointment online.
  5. When in doubt, stay home. Colorado winter roads can be frightening, and that’s okay. If you’re not sure you can manage the winter roads, stay inside and stay safe!

Are you and your vehicle ready for winter roads? Let the experienced technicians at Chase Automotive help you prepare for any road conditions. Give our auto repair shop a call at 303.344.4670 and stay safe on the winter roads.

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