Safely Avoiding Potholes

Posted May 23, 2016

As you hit the road for early summer road trips, keep an eye out for one hazard on the road: Potholes.

Road crews across Aurora are hard at work patching and repairing the cracks and holes in our streets and pavement, but sometimes these nuisances pop up faster than they can repair them. Potholes pose a serious threat for your vehicle, so knowing how to safely avoid them is key to protecting your vehicle and your family on the road.

Avoid Potholes

When possible, avoid roads that you know have several potholes. Stick to the main roads where the city is keeping up with repairs. If you encounter a pothole on your daily commute, try an alternate route the next day until the pothole can be fixed.

Slow down

The impact of potholes on tires increases dramatically with speed. If you are driving on roads with small potholes, slow down. Hitting a pothole at high speed can cause hidden internal damage that could lead to tire failure weeks, or even months, later. Slowing down before you hit a pothole can spare you from excessive damage, but does not guarantee your vehicle will come out unharmed.

To Brake or not to brake?

Don’t brake during the pothole impact. If you know you’re headed for a direct hit, apply brakes before hitting a pothole and release them just prior to impact. Braking during the impact sets up the tire and wheel assembly for a solid hit against the edge of the hole. You can cause more damage to other components if the brakes are engaged during a pothole collision.

Take it Straight on

If you must hit a pothole, don’t swerve. Hitting the pothole at an odd angle can cause additional damage to the tire, wheel, rim, and alignment. While It’s a good idea to avoid the pothole safely, be conscious of other people on the roads. Don’t make a quick lane change into other traffic. Watch for pedestrians and bicyclists before you redirect towards the side of the road.

If you hit a severe pothole, come into the shop to have us check your vehicles’ alignment and tire balance. Potholes often cause subtle damage that may go unnoticed. By catching it early, you’ll prevent alignment issues that can shrink the lifespan of your tires. Stay safe and save money with an alignment inspection – visit Chase Automotive in Aurora or request an appointment online.

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