Why Wheel Alignment Is Important

Posted March 1, 2023

From time to time an auto shop mechanic may recommend getting wheel alignment. There are many signs that your auto shop mechanic will notice when your alignment is off. If your auto shop has suggested that you get wheel alignment for your vehicle, here are some reasons why it’s important.

1. Safety on the Road

When your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, it’s a safety issue. According to Bus-News, when an alignment is off by only 2mm, you can feel your vehicle being pulled sideways by up to 24 feet each mile you travel. Drifting to the side as you drive can reduce safety on the road. It’s harder to control the vehicle and stay in your lane when the alignment is off. When the alignment is off, your vehicle is a safety risk to you and your passengers. It’s also a safety risk to other motorists.

2. Improved Tire Life

One of the telltale signs that an auto shop mechanic will notice is when your tires wear unevenly. When an alignment is out of whack, the wear pattern on tires will be on the outside or inside edge of the tire instead of in the middle. The tires’ rims or edges are the tire’s weakest points. Tires will wear out faster when your alignment is off and need replacement more often.

3. Better Fuel Efficiency

When all your wheels are aligned, the engine has less stress, resulting in better fuel economy. Wheels that are not aligned properly create a heavier load for the engine to manage. Vehicles are designed with precise parameters. When any vehicle component is off kilter, it throws the entire vehicle’s performance off. A wheel alignment will improve fuel efficiency.

4. An Improved Ride

When the wheel alignment is off, you must fight with the steering wheel to stay on track. It is frustrating to drive a vehicle when the alignment is not right. Of course, even a minor distraction can have terrible results when your steering wheel needs all your attention. Having your vehicle aligned will improve the driving experience.

Overall, these were some of the reasons why wheel alignment is important. If you notice issues, connect with a shop that can get your alignment done quickly. Call Chase Automotive Repair today to learn more.

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