The Computer Rode Shotgun

Posted October 27, 2017

Cell phones, washing machines, refrigerators… pretty much anything and everything that we plug into an outlet these days seems to have its own computer. This now includes your vehicle.

Every automobile being produced nowadays comes standard with at least one onboard computer. Car computers aren’t quite the same as the PCs/laptops we use at home and work; these are less sophisticated machines that, while not quite as advanced, serve an extremely important function – keeping you safe.

Your car’s primary computer most likely controls these systems:
● Engine emissions
● Spark plug functionality
● Fuel injection
● Sensors monitoring oxygen, throttle position & engine temperature

Luxury cars tend to include an additional set of computers, which can possibly include a dedicated system for each of these functions:
● Navigation
● Transmission
● Climate Control
● Stereo
● Cruise Control
● Air Bags
● Anti-Lock Brakes

Each of these individual computers work the same way as your vehicle’s primary computer. They read information from their sensors and then send out an alert if they detect any problems or potential problems in the form of an error code.

Your car’s computer(s) compile and process information from their various sensors and systems to responsively optimize how your engine operates. Onboard computers are able to detect and issue warnings regarding future problems your car may encounter. The check engine light, for example, operates under the purview of your vehicle’s computer.

Computers are key components in contemporary cars; they provide a safer, more efficient driving experience for drivers. Onboard computers will only become more and more advanced, further augmenting and improving the driving experience.

Our ASE-certified technicians have the most modern technological tools available in the auto repair industry. As such they are able to read any code that your car’s computer is trying to communicate.

Computers and mechanics now work in congress to keep cars running smoothly. Auto technicians retrieve information from your car’s computer and perform the necessary repairs. What a time to be alive!

To learn more about your vehicle’s onboard computer(s) or to schedule your next tuneup, stop by our shop in Aurora or give us a call us at 303-344-4670!

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