Spring Break Road Trip Tips

Posted March 1, 2020

Driving around Aurora, the grass may be brown and the trees have no leaves, but Spring is coming! In unpredictable Colorado weather, we have sunny days and snow storms in the same week. It might not feel like it yet, but Spring is only a few weeks away. If you are considering a Spring Break road trip, our auto experts are offering six tips to help make your trip a success.

Take a map. Even with the incredible convenience of navigation on phones and mobile devices, poor service can leave you wondering where to go. A paper map is a good back-up, just in case.

Double check your plates and insurance. Verify everything is current. Being out of state with no insurance will make life even more challenging if something were to happen.

Lock valuables up and keep out of sight. Never leave anything in plain view in your vehicle after parking in unfamiliar areas.

Use the buddy system! Make sure you rotate drivers to stay rested. Ask the person riding shotgun to keep an eye on the road and the driver to keep them aware and alert.

Pack a road trip survival kit, if you don’t have one in your car already. Jumper cables, flashlight, blanket, water bottles, first aid kit, spare keys, and mobile phone power bank are “must have” items before pulling out of the driveway on an extended trip. They are handy for everyday driving too!

Make sure your vehicle is up-to-date with maintenance. When was your last oil change? Have you rotated the tires and checked pressures and fluid levels? Call Chase Automotive at 303.344.4670 to verify your records, if you are not sure. We are happy to inspect your vehicle to give you peace of mind, or make recommendations before taking off with friends or family.

Stop by our auto repair shop in Aurora for a pre-trip inspection before your Spring Break road trip this year. Even if you decide to stay close to home for Spring Break, feel free to share this information with anyone you know who will be traveling to help keep them safe and on the road. These tips are great for travelers, and a good reminder, even if you are just driving across town.

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