Auto Repair Winter Checklist

Posted December 14, 2012

While you should visit an auto repair shop in area every 3 months for scheduled maintenance, there’s lots you can do to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape between visits. As an auto repair shop in Aurora, we’ve broken down a checklist that allows you to inspect something small on your car every morning that will only take you a few minutes every morning.

Monday Morning: Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure will ensure you have better gas mileage and allow your tires to grip the road better. Your owner’s manual should tell you what pressure to keep your tires at. Before taking off for work Monday morning, get a tire pressure gauge (shouldn’t be more than a few bucks) and go around to all four tires and make sure they have enough air. If any are low, just stop by a gas station air pump and fill up your tires!

Tuesday Morning: Wiper Blades

When you turn on your wiper blades, do they actually wipe…or to the smear and make it even more difficult to see? Do they shake and flop around when travelling at high speeds? Then it might be time to switch them out. We recommend getting a new set once a year to make sure you can see clearly at all times. They’re inexpensive and will make your windshield that much clearer on your commute!

Wednesday Morning: Check your Oil

Oil is considered to be the lifeblood of your car. Its job is to lubricate the hundreds of moving parts that allow your vehicle to move, and without it your engine would explode! Low oil levels will quickly result in major repairs that could cost thousands! Wednesday morning, pop open your hood and take out the dipstick marked “OIL.” It will tell you what level your oil is at in your engine and whether or not you need to add any. If you’re levels are low, set up an appointment with an auto repair shop in Aurora right away. Every mile counts!

Thursday Morning: Check Headlights, Taillights

Before leaving for work Thursday morning, turn the key in the car enough so the electrics and your lights turn on. Take a quick walk around your car to make sure your lights, brake lights, and blinkers are all in order. If anything isn’t working, then get to an auto shop right away to have their technicians look at the problem. Not only is it illegal to drive with broken lights—it’s dangerous, too!

Friday: Take Out the Trash

We saved the easiest for the last day of the work week. Take 3 minutes before you have to leave and clear out all the trash in your vehicle. A clean car not only looks better—it feels better, too!

If you have any other concerns regarding your vehicle, don’t hesitate to stop by and speak with an ASE- Certified technician about your vehicle!

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