Stay Green without a Hybrid

Posted August 20, 2012

As much as some of us would love to have a hybrid, for many it’s just not in the books. However, your local Aurora Auto Repair shop is here with some tops to help you stay green and environmentally conscience this upcoming season. From commuting advice to gas-saving tips, your reliable Aurora Diesel shop is here to help you stay green this autumn!

Go the Speed Limit

It sounds crazy, but it just…might…work. Speed limits aren’t just there to keep you safe, but to give you optimal gas mileage as well. When you’re cruisin’ down the highway at 90 MPH, you’re burning more gas, and also spilling more pollution into the air. Your reliable Aurora Oil Change center suggests you do yourself AND the environment a favor and get better gas mileage by going the speed limit!

Plan Your Day

Some days you might wake up, go to the store and then to the bank—but not all at once. Your local Aurora Tires garage suggests streamlining your day and planning out all your errands in one fell swoop. That way, you’ll save time, your car will conserve gas, and the environment will benefit from avoiding unwanted pollution!

Preventive Maintenance

Having a preventive maintenance plan with your local Aurora Transmission repair shop will save you LOADS of money throughout the life of your car. The other advantage is by having clean filters, you’ll burn less gas, meaning better fuel economy for you and less pollution for the environment!


Carpooling is a common, easy way to save a little bit of cash while helping out the environment. Even if you aren’t too fond of your co-workers, wouldn’t it be worth it to save a little bit of money on a commute once in a while? Even if it’s just a couple times a week, your local Aurora Auto Repair center recommends giving it a shot—at least for a little bit.

Drive Partway

Whether to school, work, or just around town to run some errands, your reliable Aurora Diesel repair shop recommends trying to go “part way” on your own during your commute. Perhaps you drive part way and ride your bike the rest, or maybe take public transportation some of the way. The goal in this practice is to leave less of a carbon footprint throughout the work week.

Your local Aurora Oil Change center is barely scratching the surface with this “green” list. For more tips or to start a preventive maintenance plan, stop by your reliable Aurora Tires repair shop like Chase Automotive or call (303) 344-4670 today!

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