What to Expect at Your Regular Car Maintenance

Posted September 8, 2023

It’s really important for you to get regular car maintenance service done on your vehicles so that they are safe and efficient to drive. All vehicles come with a manufacturer’s recommended service interval that’s based on the expected service life of the parts and fluids that make your vehicle run. Ignoring those services could shorten your vehicle’s service life and make it costlier to own. Here’s what you should expect to have done for regular car maintenance.

Engine Oil, Oil Filter, and Air Filter Change

An oil change service greatly affects how well your engine runs and how long your car lasts. According to Nerd Wallet, private passenger vehicles should have an oil change service done every 5,000 miles. An oil change service includes changing the oil and oil filter and inspecting and changing the engine air filter when needed. The service is usually quick and affordable for most car makes and models.

Tire Balance and Rotation

Another common car maintenance is the tire balance and rotation service. Like the oil change, it is best to remove the wheels, inspect the tires, and balance and rotate them about every 5,000 miles. The service can determine if your tires are safe to continue using for at least 5,000 more miles and make the ride smoother. It also helps to even out the wear and tear so you get the longest service life from your tires.

Brake System Inspection

The brakes should undergo a car maintenance service at least once a year. A technician can inspect the brake pads, calipers, and rotors to make sure everything is in good condition. If the pads are worn and near their service limit, installing a new pair will ensure good braking power. The brake fluid also should be changed every two years for the best braking.

Engine Tune and Coolant Change

Technicians also can inspect the spark plugs and the plug wires or coils to make sure they are in good condition. Replacing worn plugs, wires, or coils will help to make the engine run its best and maximize your fuel economy. We also can check the coolant, hoses, and belts. The radiator and engine coolant reservoir should undergo a flush-and-fill service every other year, and replacing worn alternator or serpentine belts will help to prevent engine breakdowns.

You can call, submit an online request, or visit our service facility to have our experienced and certified technicians provide you with car maintenance and repair services. Contact our team at Chase Automotive Repair to learn more!

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