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Posted April 1, 2022

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your vehicle’s cooling system as the temperatures get warmer and warmer in the Centennial State in the coming weeks and months:

• Fluids are the most important components of a vehicle to keep maintained, and to keep your engine COOL you need to have clean anti-freeze, or coolant

• Having your coolant flushed REGULARLY will help you avoid overheating or even worse…

• Possibly encountering a problem that could run up to hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair (not to mention that, on average, when a vehicle overheats it takes 100,000 miles away from the life of the engine)

• On the other hand, when the temperature dips below freezing, having the proper mixture of anti-freeze and water will PREVENT the water from freezing.

• This is beneficial because when water freezes it expands and can cause internal engine damage,

• Plus if it is frozen then it won’t flow through the engine properly and will cause overheating.

• On top of the anti-freezing and anti-boiling properties, coolant also provides lubrication to the water pump and thermostat, PLUS it protects the metals inside your system from PH Balance problems!

• Radiators, water pumps, and thermostats are all things that could feasibly last as long as your CAR with proper cooling system maintenance.

• THAT will save you HUNDREDS of dollars!

• In addition to flushing the system, have a cooling system performance test done every OTHER year to ensure the integrity of ALL components in the system, and AVOID losing an ENGINE!

April is National Car Care Month, so take care of your car and have it checked out by one of our ASE-certified technicians. Give us a call at 303.344.4670 or click HERE to schedule an appointment at our Aurora-based shop!

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