Here’s What Can Happen If You Put Off an Oil Change

Posted July 28, 2023

Vehicle owners are responsible for maintaining their vehicles to keep them safe to drive and reliable for further travel. Oil changes are one of the most basic and frequently needed maintenance services, but many people procrastinate on getting them. According to Reader’s Digest, owners should change the oil and filter in their respective vehicles about every 5,000 miles when using conventional oil and between 7,500 and 10,000 miles when using synthetic oil. Let’s take a look at what can happen if you put off an oil change for your vehicle.

Overheating Engine Parts

The engine oil also helps to reduce heat inside the engine. The motor has thousands of moving parts that the engine oil lubricates to prevent them from heating up. The engine oil loses its viscosity over time and gradually reduces its ability to effectively cool the engine. If the engine overheats, parts could suffer damage and might make the vehicle useless. Then you likely would need to buy a new car.

Clogged Oil Filter

All oil changes include oil filter changes. The technicians will drain the oil, remove the oil filter, and inspect it. Technicians look for small bits of metal that might be a sign of internal damage affecting the motor. They also inspect for other signs of contamination that might indicate accelerated wear and tear in the engine. When all is well, a new oil filter goes on to provide maximum oil-filtering capability.

Worn Out Oil Pump

The engine needs a strong oil pump to circulate oil to where it is needed. The older the oil and the lower its viscosity, the harder that oil pump has to work. If the oil becomes dirty and contaminated, it might damage the oil pump and cause the engine to overheat.

Reduced Fuel Economy

A properly lubricated motor is a more efficient engine. If you procrastinate on oil changes, the motor might lose some of its efficiency and power. An engine that works harder consumes more fuel, which reduces your vehicle’s fuel economy and costs you more to drive.

When you extend the intervals between oil changes, you make it possible for accelerated wear and tear to occur. Ultimately, you wind up with a worse return on your transportation investment by accelerating the engine’s wear and tear. Your car’s engine needs good, clean oil to reduce friction and help the engine last longer. You can get fast and affordable oil changes for your vehicles when you visit our automotive services facility.

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