Avoid Damage from Curb Hits

Posted January 23, 2017

Icy winter roads in Aurora mean more cars are sliding out of control and hitting the curbs. Even if you’re driving slowly, a curb hit can lead to significant damage for your vehicle. This winter, stay safe and follow the advice from our experienced auto technicians to avoid damage from curb hits.

First, do your best to avoid hitting curbs in the first place. Leave a safe distance between your vehicle and the curb. Drive in the center of your lane. When icy or slick conditions exist, slow down. Avoid taking turns and curves quickly, as you can easily slide out of control in winter weather.

If you do hit a curb, bring your vehicle to Chase Automotive right away. Subtle damage that you may not notice right away can lead to serious issues with your suspension or steering systems.

A common issue is misaligned tires. The impact from hitting a curb can pull your tire out of alignment. If your tires are out of alignment, you may notice your vehicle pulling to one side as you drive in a straight line. At the first warning sign, bring your vehicle in to our auto repair shop in Aurora for an alignment inspection.

An issue with alignment can lead to significant problems for your vehicle. Because the tires are no longer hitting the road in the same position, tires will wear unevenly. This can lead to bald patches, uneven tread, and issues steering. Worn tires leave your vehicle at greater risk for a flat tire or blow out on the roads.

Tire damage doesn’t take long to occur. Putting off an alignment inspection for a few weeks or a few hundred miles can lead to significant tire wear. You’ll have to replace the tires much sooner, spending more over the life of the tire. Instead, have an alignment inspection performed as soon as possible after hitting a curb.

Though it may not seem significant at the time, hitting a curb on the roads in Aurora can lead to serious damage for your vehicle. Tire damage, suspension and steering issues, or alignment problems can lead to expensive repairs for your vehicle. Don’t ignore the warning signs!

The experienced technicians at Chase Automotive are committed to your safety on the roads. When you bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop for an inspection, we will thoroughly check your vehicle for warning signs and recommend any needed maintenance. To schedule your alignment inspection or safety inspection, call 303.344.4670.

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