4 Signs You Need a Transmission Fluid Change

Posted February 2, 2024

Nearly all private passenger vehicles have reliable and efficient automatic transmissions that are easy to forget about until something goes wrong. The first thing that usually goes wrong is the transmission fluid leaks or loses its viscosity, which affects how the transmission works. According to Chron, automotive technicians diagnose, maintain, and repair mechanical systems on vehicles, including their brakes, engines, and transmissions. Here are four signs that your vehicle needs a transmission fluid change.

1. The Owner’s Manuals Says It’s Time

All vehicles come with an owner’s manual that should list the recommended service intervals for all of its systems, including the transmission. You can check the recommended service interval for changing the transmission fluid and find out if your local car shop follows that recommendation. The service intervals are based on the expected service lives of the different parts, materials, and fluids that make your vehicle run flawlessly. Preventive maintenance reduces the odds of your transmission failing.

2. Red Fluid Underneath Your Vehicle

Transmission fluid is typically dyed red to distinguish it from other fluids that contribute to your vehicle’s operation. If you see red fluid collecting beneath your vehicle near the rear of the engine compartment, that’s a sure sign of leaking transmission fluid. The leak’s cause might be a bad gasket or seal and endangers the transmission when the fluid level gets too low. Catching the problem early makes it more likely a transmission service and fluid change will fix the problem.

3. You Smell Burning Fluid

You might smell something like burning oil coming from under the hood when driving in city traffic and especially on a hot day. The smell could be due to transmission fluid losing its viscosity, burning up as the transmission gets hotter and hotter because of inadequate lubrication. A qualified car shop technician can diagnose the problem and replace the transmission fluid when needed if you think the transmission fluid might be too old.

4. The Engine Revs and Briefly Loses Power

When the transmission fluid goes bad, the transmission might slip. A slipping transmission will make the engine rev and the vehicle briefly lose its drive power. The problem might be bad transmission fluid, which a technician can check and change if the transmission acts up.

Understanding when you need a transmission fluid change is essential for every car owner. Your safety is our priority at Chase Automotive Repair. You can call or visit our car shop to learn more about transmission maintenance and repairs and schedule service for your vehicle.

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