Driving I-70: Tire Traction Laws in Colorado

Posted November 24, 2015

Before you travel I-70 up to the mountains to ski this winter, make sure your vehicle can safely handle the winter roads… or you may face a fine.

Tire traction laws not only apply to commercial vehicles, large trucks, and trailers, the Department of Transportation enforces these laws for all vehicles, including your car or truck.

Most of the year, the interstate roads that lead to the mountains are perfectly safe to travel. But during the winter, snow and ice can make these steep roads treacherous.

New traction laws now mean that vehicles must meet criteria for safe tires when the weather gets bad enough in the mountain roads.

Colorado drivers need to pay attention to special codes from the Department of Transportation – code 15 and code 16.

Code 15 means that the weather is bad enough for the traction laws to take effect. Vehicles must be equipped with snow tires to travel on I-70. Vehicles that have 4-wheel drive are also allowed to travel the interstate. All tires must have a minimum of 1/8 inch tread.

Code 16 is even more extreme. When the weather is sever enough to trigger this code, vehicles must use chains or another “alternative traction device” to provide added traction on the roads.

Both of these codes are an attempt to educate drivers and keep them safe on the winter roads. You can sign up for alerts to notify you when these codes are issued here: goi70.com

If a vehicle is caught without proper traction, pulled over by the State Patrol, or caused an accident or road block on the interstate, the driver can face a fine of more than $650.

Stay safe this winter – call our certified technicians at 303.344.4670 to schedule an inspection to make sure your vehicle is prepared for winter.

Our technicians will inspect your tires to make sure they have sufficient tread and traction for Colorado’s winter roads. We’ll even take the time to review your tires with you and show you the warning signs to look for before you hit the slopes this season.

If you have questions about your vehicles tires, want to learn more about the traction laws, or are ready to schedule your next appointment, call us at 303.344.4670.

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